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MonkeyPox: Infected people should avoid pets


Monkey box: Infected people should avoid pets

There is a fear of spreading the disease of Moneybox among pets or rodents

People with Monkeypox should avoid contact with their pets for 21 days,

under the UK Health Security Agency’s advice.

So far, 106 infections have been confirmed worldwide.

Springs, hamsters, and other rodents may be the most vulnerable to the disease

but may spread it among other animals.

      • What is the difference between rashes caused by monkeys’ Monkeypox and other diseases?

the difference between rashes caused by monkeys' Monkeypox and other diseases

“We have not identified any pet injuries, and the risk is quite low,” state the official authorities.

Professor Lawrence Young, a virology expert at Warrick University, said:

“Our concern is that the virus can be transmitted to pets and start spreading

between them in every direction.

According to instructions from British health authorities, rodents such as

guinea pigs, rats, and mice must be removed from any homes where people

with monkeys, monkeypox is infected for 21 days and checked to ensure

that they are not infected.

The number of homes containing pets in the UK is estimated at 2 million, according to sales data.

According to health recommendations, an infected person must not prepare pet diets

if another person in the home can do the job.

Monkeypox: Are we in front of a new epidemic?
WHO says “containment” of monkeys is possible

England’s chief veterinarian Christine Middlemiss said:

“No cases of chickenpox have been detected among pets in the UK and

the risk remains minimal. We will continue to check the situation closely

and cooperate with the competent authorities around the world

to control the risk of monkeypox spreading.”

“Isolation is the last resort.”

infected people isolation monkeypox

According to advice published by the European Centre for Disease Control

this week: “Monkeypox patients’ rats prefer to be isolated in controlled gatherings

and must be checked to ensure that they are not infected after the end of the isolation period.”

According to the document, this measure is used as a last resort if no other means are available.

Recommends preventing pet friction with infected owners

preventing pet friction with infected owners

Larger pets can be isolated as dogs at home, with a frequent screening of their health condition.

Scientists say available information on the potential impact of monkey Monkeypox

on pets is scarce, but rodents and some types of squirrels can become

infected and transmitted easier than others.

Experts say human-to-animal transmission may contribute to the rapid spread

of the disease in the wilderness of Europe, but this likelihood is very small.

The potential and worrying risk is the permanent settlement

and transmission of the disease among animals.


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