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What is your fitness style? the high life.


What is your fitness style? The high life

There is no good or bad training style, as long as you find the one that suits you.

Fitness is an essential part of a healthy and happier lifestyle,

however, you don’t have to assess yourself against others

or stick to established standards by looking at the successes of others

on social networks.

There are various methods to do tasks;

there are countless options today,

so to refine your options, let’s find out which of the four fitness styles is for you.

There are four simple ways to start any workout routine,

There are 4 simple ways to start any workout routine

but of course, the way we train and build from there can vary enormously between CrossFit,

lifting, running, yoga, and everything else!

If you are trying to figure out what is the perfect workout for you,

this is a simple first step that will bring you much closer to enjoying your

workouts and living your best life.

You never need to be the best – just yours.

I didn’t know where to start. There were 70 pounds

when I finally imposed myself in my local gym and

I signed up for my first subscription.

I sulked along with the treadmills and bicycles for a few weeks because

that’s all I knew how to do.

There was a voice in my head that told me that if I tried anything else,

I would look stupid or hurt,

so I’m here to tell you not to let that or anyone else get in your head.

Your fitness path belongs to you and will never look like someone else’s.

1. Gym Membership

Gym Membership

An open gym near you is a great place to achieve all your weight loss and health goals.

Things to consider when choosing the suitable gym membership for you:

their hours and when you will train the most, the distance and your ride,

and the general setup of the gym.

I tried a lot to find my “happy place” in a gym, and for me,

it was essential to find one open late on the weekend, open early in the week,

and lots of space and machines for me to try new things and not feel cramped.

In a gym, you have so many options that each workout can be different,

or you can stick to your favorite: treadmills, bikes, cardio, weights, stretches,

and yoga balls. There’s something for everyone here,

and it’s also a great place to start a fitness journey with the opportunity to

try so many different things.

A first-time visit to the gym can be unsettling.

But you should not be afraid or embarrassed to be a beginner.

No one in the gym is watching you.

The truth is that no one looks at you.

No one pays attention to the number or the number of repetitions you do,

2. Class Community

Gym Classroom

With a course, there is a community that accompanies it, which attracts some.

Working in a group is not for everyone. Still, it has a lot of advantages and benefits that you may not even consider,

especially if you are already

considering moving to #3! You have a coach, tips, and support when you train in a group,

like a yoga class or CrossFit.

Everyone’s here for the same reason you’re here,

and instead of looking at them as a crowd,

see them as your teammates moving you forward when you want to stop.

It’s like training with a buddy; you’ll always keep going when you have someone

else to take with you, or maybe you’ll motivate yourself to keep up!

3. At home or virtual

Gym At home

The 2020 pandemic has undoubtedly shown the world that almost anything can be done

virtually, but fitness videos are not new.

 Getting in shape in the comfort of your home has existed since the beginning,

assuming that even troglodytes have probably tumbled down big rocks t

o, become more muscular. Fortunately,

since then, television has been born,

the Internet has appeared, and training at home has become more than just

owning one’s gym equipment.

Exercise at home can be done with a space-saving treadmill in the living room,

or we have endless videos with coaches of all different styles to keep us active and on track.

There are countless apps, a label,

or the old YouTube where you can find a trainer for almost any home workout.

So if you like fun coaches, you can find one.

If you want someone to yell at you through a TV set not to give up, you can find one.

If you need workouts without equipment or exercises that you can do with

a bad shoulder, you can believe that you are not alone,

even when you work out in the living room!

4. In the field

On the Ground

On the field, on the grass, on the move!

There is no shame in enjoying nature and sweating with sunny vitamin D that also rains on you.

Of course, it is for runners and walkers, but it must not stop there.

I integrate strength training into my daily walks with my dog,

using only my body weight to challenge my body.

Others can also enjoy outdoor yoga,

Pilates, or other outdoor activities, such as horseshoes and volleyball!

There are countless ways to be active and sweaty,

so if you’re starting training, try new things.

I had never set foot in a real gym before 2017, but my mission

was to lose 70 pounds, so this determination pushed me everywhere

on the “fitness card.” The gym, workout classes, coaching 1:1,

CrossFit, Bar, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, virtual videos, and

even home equipment have all played a massive role in my weight-loss journey.

Finding the activity that excites me keeps me active and healthy every day.


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