Women can also make health mistakes.

Women can also make health mistakes

Women can also make health mistakes.

Men are not the only ones who make health mistakes. Women run to doctors all the time. Even so,

experts say that women tend to look after the rest of the family before looking after themselves.

Women, you are good at taking care of others, but you

are often not the best judge of your health.

Perhaps you can understand these common health mistakes made by women:

* Legs crossed at knee level as woman health mistakes.

Legs crossed at knee level.

This may restrict blood flow and cause varicose veins. Better sit flat on the floor.

* Skip breakfast.

Skip breakfast

It would help if you had it to function and not gorge yourself at lunch.

* Wear perfume in the sun.

perfume in the sun

This can trigger a chemical reaction resulting in a skin rash.

* Breasts do not examine themselves.

Breasts not examine

A visit to the gynaecologist once a year is crucial.

* Do not have routine blood tests.

routine blood tests.

Check for diabetes. Thyroid and cholesterol testing should also be part of a routine blood test.

* Think you can’t get pregnant after 40 years.

Think you can’t get pregnant after 40 years.

Even in menopause, you can.

* Use too many female sprays.

Use too many female sprays.

A chronic smell can be a sign of thyroid problems, type 2 diabetes, or a shortage of estrogen.

* Do not recognize a heart attack when they are experiencing it.

heart attack

Symptoms may be draining, fatigue and drowsiness, or heartburn or indigestion.

* Smoking.


It causes heart disease and cancer, not to mention wrinkles.

Women do a lot to look younger and thinner outside,

but what about doing what makes you healthier inside?

Looking good in your coffin won’t help you much! Both men and women need to eat well,

exercise frequently, and not be reluctant to receive prompt medical attention.

After all, it’s a life-or-death situation.


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