Your health and stress

Your health and stress, what’s the relationship?

Your health and stress,

what’s the relationship?

The agitation of daily life can create a lot of pressure, put a person in free fall, and affect their health.

While we are all responsible for our happiness,

it can sometimes be difficult to defuse challenging information from all directions.

You constantly hear, “you just have to have a positive attitude.

You know it is true, but the critical question is how we will get there.

Feeling positive in a negative world is lihostilhostileson with

a drinking problem hanging around a bar expecting not to be tempted to drink.

When the negative is everywhere,

only the strong seem to be able to persist in being positive.

Being positive is something that needs to be rehearsed.

Being positive is something that needs to be practiced.


More optimistic thoughts increase your:

“positivity muscles” will develop and become easier to be positive.

Stress can make us negative about relationships, life, work,

and even things we love to do. Stress takes away jo.

I dAnxietyon’t know about you, but I like joy; I’d rather have fun than stress.

Many people will ask if the glass is half empty or half full;

the glass is half empty or half full

that is not the question they should ask themselves.

The question is, how much does a glass of water weigh?

Compare this glass of water to stress (the one that steals joy).

Fill a glass of water and take it with you.

It is relatively light and easy to manage without spills.

If you carry that same glass of water for a few hours,

it starts to feel heavier; you have to be more careful not to spill the water.

At the end of the day, your arms and hands will be stressed and stressed;

it will be complicated to prevent it from overturning.

This is what stress looks like;

it builds and builds until you’re exhausted.

Do you hold your pressure like this glass of water?

If held, the same glass of water becomes more stressful

without changing weight or shape, and the same goes for pressure.

The more pressure you maintain,

the worse it gets, even if you don’t add anything.

The old way of thinking was that the disease was

something genealogical, that we were fated to grasp what had

something genealogical, and that we were fated to get what our family had handed us.

The modern way of thinking goes back to ancient fundamental

principles giving us control over our health.

If we can control our stress, we can prevent disease.

Modern medicine estimates that pressure s responsible for 75% of all illnesses.

This change of thought about the illnesses is closer to

what Ayurveda believes: all diseases manifest through

the stress of one form or another.

Where’s the stress coming from?

Where’s the stress coming from

Our thoughts


Wrong food combinations

Unhealthy food

Lack of food

Intense effort

Lack of sleep

Individual Triggers


Some of the stress we create and cause,

some of the stress is beyond our control.

We can only do our best to prevent stress and reduce its effects on our health.

To manage various stressors in our lives,

we start by cleaning and strengthening our system to reduce stress’s effects.

We can only bring the positive when we consciously accept and remove the negative.

Looking at the above list of things that cause stress in our bodies,

it becomes clear that there are some things we can improve.

Thoughts and memories

Thoughts and memories

are totally under our control if we can learn to turn

negative thoughts and memories into something positive.

We often just need to look the other way and be positive.

 As I mentioned above, you need to practice positivity.

The wrong food combinations,

The wrong food combinations,

unhealthy foods, and lack of food can affect many aspects of life.

We all know what’s healthy and what’s not healthy

and this bunch of fries is not in the healthy column.

The other side of the coin is bad combinations of food that many people

are unaware of; you may have to look for what suits you.

Many people do not manage to feed their bodies, which is equally harmful.

Excessive exertion and lack of sleep seem to be the norm.

Excessive exertion and lack of sleep seem to be the norm.
Too much physical effort and not getting enough sleep lead to many health problems.

Everyone has different requirements; when you listen to your body, it will send you clues.



is something we must do our best with because there is no way to

avoid a certain amount of pollution.

Cleansing can help your body get rid of toxins that affect your health.

Individual stressors

Individual stressors
need to be identified only then can they be rectified.

Ayurveda will help you identify your stressors,

understand the wrong food combinations and learn techniques to cut stress.

Ayurveda; it’s simple, it’s effective, and it makes sense.

Discover how you can control your stress

and enjoy a healthy and happy life,

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