About Us

Our mission is to make health and fitness more accessible, inexpensive, and enjoyable.


Designed to assist you in living a better, happier, and healthier life.


We think that Health and Fitness should be available to everyone,


We only recommend eating unprocessed, nutritious foods and exercising to maintain a strong, healthy, and fit daily.


Here is info about me

My Name Is Adel Galal, with 29 years of experience in the IT Field as was IT manager for Nestle Egypt Region, but currently, I have retired, and then I shifted my career to Digital Marketing and SEO Audit.

I enjoy using my skills to contribute to exciting technological advances. Also, I am an experienced writer with over 15 years of experience covering health, nutrition, weight loss, and all the technology, so writing is my main hobby.

I graduated from the Faculty of Commerce in 1989 and finished my Diploma in Computer Science in 1999 from Ain-Shams University.

I love to read books and listen to music in my free time.

Email:  Adelgalal775@gmail.com

phone +201002205757



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