suffer from brain fog

You suffer Brain Fog from 5 reasons ?

Warning: 5 reasons why you suffer from brain fog

We will discuss the warning and the five reasons anyone suffers from brain fog. 

Brain fog is one of the mental disorders,

Which affects a person’s ability to think and perform various daily activities,

as the afflicted perceive his intellect to be foggy and unfit.

A symptom of brain fog or hazy thinking is the constant feeling of unwarranted fatigue, lethargy,

inability to carry out daily activities, unwillingness to communicate with loved ones and friends,

and I’ve forgotten a loforgottenal.

What are the causes of brain fog?

brain fog

According to Sandra Bond Chapman, director of the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas in the American city of Dallas,

there are several reasons why your brain feels “hazy,” including:

Stress :


When stress becomes persistent

for example, working from home while supporting your children with their education

and managing the buy of standard requirements.

Neurons in the brain begin to break down (death), resulting in feeling brain fog.

Lack of sleep :

lack of sleep

It is one of the haziest reasons for thinking because it makes you feel the absence of vigilance.

Chapman said that not having enough hours of sleep misses human beings the task of “brain cleansing“, which occurs when they sleep.



Night sweats and mood swings often appear during the perimenopause period. Still, Gayathri Davey, professor of clinical neurology at the State University

of New York Downstate Medical Center,

says that attention should pay to these symptoms because they may link to brain fog; why?

Davy replies: “When estrogen decreases during the perimenopause period,

this hormone isn’t reaching the brain’s receptors enough. As a result,

the brain is forced to adjust, which might manifest as mental fog.

Side effects of drugs :

Side effects of drugs

Several drugs can cause brain fog, such as migraine, over-the-counter sleep medications, or allergic drugs.

Neuropsychologist Jessica Caldwell, the head of the Cleveland Clinic Women’s Alzheimer’s Prevention Center, stated:

“Any of these drugs may cause haze and loss of clarity if used with alcohol, even one glass of wine.” 

Health problem:

head injury

In some cases, brain fog may cause by a health problem such as head injury,

thyroid problems, or early stages of many cases of sclerosis.

These cases are sporadic, but it is essential to pay attention to their symptoms

Ways to Getting Rid of Brain Fog

Treatment for brain fog determines by the underlying cause.

A person’s lifestyle can also be changed.

• Spend less time on the internet and phone – remember to take a break

    • Reducing stress through positive thinking

    • After you’re eating habits.

    • Get enough rest – 7-8 hours per day, and go to bed by 10 p.m. or no later than midnight.

    • Maintain a consistent exercise schedule.

    • Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking, or drinking coffee in the afternoon.

    • Locating pleasurable activities

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