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5 Things Not to Ignore If You Want to Get Fit


5 Things Not to Ignore If You Want to Get Fit


Get fit, lose weight, keep it off, and be in shape for the rest of your life with more exercise. 

I will explain to you how to fit get or how to do this. By not ignoring the following five things

The first step is to find why you want to get fit or Fit Get.

want to get fit


to set a realistic goal and write it down

and both short and long-term concrete saying

I want to get in the shape of my life that’s too vague. It makes

no difference; a better goal would be my goal is to lose 10 pounds in two months

to decrease five per cent body fat by summer, something specific that you can shoot for both

the short term so that your motivation to start right now and in a long time in one year

from now want to race in the c division on swift a year later I want to move up to the b division


swim to do a muscle-up

I want to learn how to swim to do a muscle-up

if you set both short and long-term goals and write them down

you are much more likely to motivate to stick to the training to reach that goal

and it’s essential to set realistic goals that you can achieve

So any improvement is an improvement, so please try to keep improving and being consistent with your training


The second step begins by doing cardio easy cardio.

doing cardio


that you enjoy anything that gets your body moving that you like doing if you go too

hard at first, you join the gym train for two hours and your body’s sore you’re not going to stick

with it, start easy and build momentum from there. If you do this, you will become faster, better, stronger

become a better butter burner burning more calories in the same amount of time, and that will motivate

you to keep going exercise will get more accessible you’ll start getting compliments, and that will further motivate

you to try even harder don’t do too much at first you don’t have to eat healthy start training join the gym

do cardio everything all at once. Start by going for a walk and

Do something active after you get better at cardio and

it is more accessible, and it’s not such a challenge, and you’ve found something you like, you can now try to eat healthier



The Step number three-stop listening to haters people

trying to sabotage you


stop listening to haters people trying to sabotage you


People who are jealous and trying to take you down

and your friends may or may not be healthy. They might be trying to sell sabotage

you’re trying to eat a healthy diet and get fit.

Start listening to yourself if your friends are pressing you to forgo that gym session.

A true friend who respects your desire to be healthier will encourage you to do so.


The Step number four-stop comparing yourself to other people

stop comparing yourself to other


Compare yourself to yourself as you have your current self,

and your future self will be better than you are right now. If it’s getting better, you’ve done your job

Stop comparing yourself to others; there will always be comparisons.

be someone more attractive than you, your perception of happiness should come from knowing

that you’ve improved and not complaining that someone else looks better than you


Step number five is to exercise and be fit (or fit get)

for you, not for other people


exercise and be fit


if you’re going to the gym to post pictures on the gram entering a bodybuilding competition

so you can say you got a first place that is not going to last what happens

when the match is over, trying to diet down to get a gym shark contract, what happens

when you get the contract, if you’re only doing things to impress a boy-girl or circle, then

what happens after that’s over, and it’s not about being the best at something

it’s about enjoying what you’re doing and improving

exercise and be fit

Finally, you are doing all these aspects to get fit or fit get and be healthy then be happier in your life





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