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Studies: COVID 19 can caused by a lack of vitamin D


Studies: COVID 19 can be caused

by a lack of vitamin D

The COVID 19 has been noticed in healthy people,

causing severe difficulties for no apparent reason,

since the beginning of the pandemic,

but scientists have now discovered why.

Begun to solve this puzzle. The details:

According to a new study,

the results of which were recently published in (Journal PLOS One),

it was noted that people who were deficient in

vitamin D levels before infection with the emerging

CIVID 19 was more likely to develop severe complications

from the virus, compared to people whose levels of

vitamin D in their bodies was average.

To conduct the study,

the researchers examined the medical data

of approximately 253 cases that were deposited to hospitals over a year

During the period before the appearance of the omicron mutant. The researchers note that:

      • About half of individuals polled who had vitamin D deficiency before contracting


the novel coronavirus experienced severe health problems after

contracting the virus.

      • Only less than 10% of those who had normal vitamin D levels

        had severe complications due to infection with the emerging Coronavirus.

        Although this study indicates the importance of

      • vitamin D in resisting the emerging Coronavirus,
      • it does not mean that taking vitamin D supplements, for example,
      • may replace vaccinations or adherence to measures to prevent
      • the emerging coronavirus.
      • Also, some previous studies had noted the absence of
      • a relationship between vitamins and the health consequences of
      • the Coronavirus on the body, so pending more studies showing more detailed information
      • about the relationship between vitamin D levels and the complications of Corona,
      • experts recommend continuing to adhere to all measures to prevent Corona.
      • Corona is available at present and without neglect.

What is the relationship between vitamin D

deficiency and complications of the Coronavirus?

Relationship between vitamin D deficiency and complications of the Corona virus

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins for bone health,

and in light of the results of the new study,

vitamin D may have a role in strengthening the body’s immunity as well,

in a way that improves the body’s ability to

resist viruses, especially viruses that may infect

the respiratory system, such as the emerging Coronavirus.

The researchers also believe that some diseases that

can lead to vitamin D deficiency may be the factor that plays

a role in stimulating the emergence of severe Corona

complications in some patients, not vitamin D deficiency in itself.

How can you raise the levels of vitamin D in your body?

raise the levels of vitamin D in your body

The body can get enough vitamin D in different ways, such as:

      • Daily exposure to direct sunlight, as the sun’s rays are the primary source of vitamin D.

      • We eat foods rich in vitamin D, such as mushrooms, egg yolks, and fatty fish.

      • Under the guidance of a physician, take vitamin D supplements.



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