Tomato flu is spreading in India Very Fast

Tomato flu is spreading in India Very Fast

This is all we know so far about the disease.

The Indian media has reported that 26 cases of hand, mouth,

and foot disease, or what’s called tomato flu,

have been recorded in children in Odisha state,

in the middle of a state of alert between states.

This is taking place while the world tries to eradicate the Covid-19 outbreak

and increase awareness about monkeypox, which is spreading over the globe.

What is tomato flu, and is it high risk?

Sores and itching

Sores and itching

Tomato flu is a mild and common viral infection in young children. Sores in the mouth characterize it

and itching on the hands and feet, according to the Mayo Clinic website.

The Indian site “Business Today” indicates that the disease is rare in adults,

This is because their immune systems are generally strong enough for them.

According to the website “The Indian Express“,

this disease was called tomato flu because of the red blisters it causes.

The website quotes

Dr B Aruna, Coimbatore’s deputy director of health services,

in the southernmost state of Tamil Nadu,

as saying that this flu affects children under the age of five,

noting that its symptoms include rashes,

skin irritation, and dryness.

These symptoms include fatigue,

joint pain, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting,

diarrhoea, coughing, sneezing, and increased body temperature.

What is the size of the risk?

Aruna stresses that the person infected with tomato flu

must be isolated to limit the spread of the virus.

What is the size of the risk for Tomato FluAmong the things that the Indian website includes as part of the guidelines

in case of infection, consult a doctor if symptoms appear.

It is recommended to prevent children from scratching

the blisters caused by the flu, resting them and ensuring their hygiene.

He stressed the need to sterilize the utensils, clothing, and

other objects used by the injured

while talking about the importance of using means to resist dehydration.

But what about the causes of this disease?

This virus enters the body when exposed to the fluids of an infected person.

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