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Tips for Treating anemia with foods


 Tips for Treating anemia with foods

Can anemia be treated with foods?

This particular form of anemia is curable.

supplementing iron, which should only be taken after consultation with a doctor,

Anemia is caused by the blood loss of red blood cells or hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin can be the oxygen carrier for certain parts of the body of individuals.

The decrease in red blood cells means the loss of the blood’s load capacity.

A nutritional deficiency inside our body mainly causes anemia.

The most common signs and symptoms of anemia are numbness,

tingling, depression, irritability, and memory loss. But,

the external symptoms would vary with the increasing severity of the disease.

also, eating iron-rich foods, a lack of folic acid and vitamin

B12 can affect the body’s ability to form. Red blood cells in general;

The appropriate nutrition plan for anemia should include the following:

Useful foods for anemia

Food rich in vitamin C

Food rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C-rich foods aid in enhancing the body’s absorption of iron.

Such as citrus fruits and their juices, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes,

melons, and strawberries.

Leafy vegetables are the key.

Leafy vegetables

Everyone was told to eat their spinach for the vitamins and minerals they contain,

but spinach is not the only vegetable source of iron.

Other leafy green vegetables are good sources,

as well as beans, peanut butter, oatmeal, whole grains, enriched bread, and cereals,

dried prunes and apricots, raisins, and sunflower seeds.

Even a good tablespoon of black molasses can give you extra iron.

 Food rich in vitamin B12

Food rich in vitamin B12
Foods rich in vitamin B12 include meat, poultry, and offal such as liver, fish,

shellfish, eggs, cereals, some fortified breakfast cereals, and some yeast.


is excellent for someone who has anemia since it accelerates

the blood’s production of hemoglobin.

Iron, copper, and manganese are actually in great abundance there.

Foods that are recommended to be avoided for patients with anemia

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Drinking coffee or tea during meals can lead to a significant reduction

when the body absorbs the iron,

so it is recommended to avoid drinking before or an hour after meals,

and it is also advisable to avoid consuming antacids during meals,

which may reduce the absorption of iron by the body. Some foods that may

interfere with the body’s use of iron, including

    •  Milk and certain dairy products

    • Whole grains.

    • Foods containing tannin

(In English: Tannins) such as grapes, corn, and millet (sorghum).

    • Gluten-rich foods, *

Such as pasta and other products based on wheat, barley, rye, or oats.

General tips to help improve anemia

General tips to help improve anemia

Also, the foods used to improve anemia mentioned above

and foods recommended to be avoided,

the following tips can help improve anemia:

    •  Drink enough water; To keep the body hydrated.

    • Exercise regularly,

It is essential to note the importance of caution when starting exercise for people

who suffer from weakness due to anemia, and it is recommended to consult

a health care provider on how to exercise safely.

    •  Cast iron cooking

Since iron particles move from kitchen utensils to food and can provide

essential source of iron,

knowing that this may not be suitable for everyone,

because getting large amounts of iron is harmful to health

and is linked to an increased risk of various health problems,

thus it is essential to speak with a doctor before using these utensils.

    • Quit smoking

Indeed, smoking increases the body’s need for vitamins and has

a negative impact on health in general.

Consult a doctor or dietician if the person is on a vegetarian diet;

Regarding vegetarians’ proper diet and the potential need for dietary supplements


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